The Cure For Your Three Thirtyitis


I tried siphon coffee for the first time today at Lamson with a good friend of mine. It was amazing. The texture of the coffee felt tea-like and without a hint of bitterness. I asked for some milk which was apparently a big no-no, but hey. It’s a Tuesday and I didn’t know what I was doing. If you haven’t tried it before but have seen them at your local coffee shop I definitely recommend giving it a go. It even smells different!

I know I’ve been a bit absent, it’s becoming clear that University and my food blogging desires are working out terribly well so between the vast gaps in recipes I thought I’d post some inspiration every now and again. It just so happens to be three thirty right now. Good timing for me to take a break from University and do something I love! Perhaps even a bit more of my designer side will show through here now haha.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Top Left: Siphon Coffee

Top Right: Cookie bears from unknown tumblr account

Bottom Left: Portraits Of My Family

Bottom Right: Type That I Like

1 comment
  1. Anne said:

    I think you should make those bears. They look awesome!

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